Our charity help those people who have no hope

Children to get education

Help the needy children to get educated and let them enlighten the bright future.


Center for Education and vocational guidance program for all students.

Mass Marriage

The best love is the kind that awakens our soul and makes us reach for more and brings peace in our heart.


Interesting impressive what an enviable project. Only Allah most mercy full showed unlimited Devine success till Qayamat amen.

Justice Ismail Yusuf Laher
Cambridge, USA

Majalis Al-Falah Trust U.K chairman Haji Abdullah Fefrawala visit your organization Surat Islam Yatimkhana Society and appreciate the work you doing.

Al Falah Trust
U.K. London

I visited to Yatim Khana. I was very happy to see the way they working. I am very pleased.

Rahima Nakhuda
U.K. London

I like to say thank you to all of management group. I see they are doing their best. It was my great pleasure to have a meeting with some well doing kids of all different groups. As always contribute my some life.

Shabbir Pathan

My name is Yasin Arbi and I came to see what type of work goes on here. After visiting I had tear in my eyes and was so happy that all kids are supported and well doing. This will be my best experience I have ever had.

Yasin Arbi
U.K. London

My name is Aysha. I visited today with my family. It was an amazing experience. It was so rewarding to see the smiles on the children faces. Inshallah I will be visiting your organization every year. I feel privileged and thank Allah that I got chance to see such good work.

U.K. London

Visited today yatimkhana’s office and glad to know the activities of this institute. I will try at best to help yatimkhana

Gulam Abdullah

I have visited the orphanage today. I was very happy to see the progress since the last time I came. Keep up the good work.

Farouq Motalas

I am really pleased and impressed for these elders’ management teams. I will continue to help more improvement look after your activities.

Farouq UK
Cambridge, USA

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